Twingly Screensaver

Twingly Screensaver

Watch the blogposphere grow on your desktop


  • Looks great
  • Includes interactive mode


  • No color configuration


Twingly Screensaver gives you a visualization of the whole blogosphere on your desktop.

After installing the program and selecting it as your screensaver, when you PC is idle it will now display a cool 3D rotating earth. Columns rise up over this globe wherever a blogpost is written, and a feed of title scrolls alongside it. Each title is subtly connected to its corresponding location on the globe.

Hitting the I key starts interactive mode, allowing you to move the globe around, and click blog posts without jumping out of the screensaver. You can read any posts that interest you, zoom in and out of the globe, or simple watch the blogosphere happening in form of you. Much like an aquarium, it can be quite hypnotic.

While it looks cool, it's not really an efficient way to read blogs, and you can't change the appearance if green's not your thing. It's an attractive screensaver though, and a good indicator of how alive the earth is with blogging!

Twingly Screensaver looks good, works smoothly and will certainly impress passers by!

Twingly Screensaver


Twingly Screensaver

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